Clean Lens

Further to the previous post on the Revista Booth Photo Booth. I wish to bring forth to everyone’s attention the addition of a revolutionary cleaning product specifically designed for glass.

The release of this cleaning agent known as Revistaclean, has been released at the same time as the photo booth in order to provide a quality product that will be able to ensure a clean booth that will take exceptionally clear photos without any smudges.

Revistaclean is an organic, environment-friendly product using natural based ingredients with high alkalizing cleaning properties. The advantage of this, is that it stops the environment first of all being damaged by the product and it ensures whatever the product is used on does not become damaged.

With an instant dry streak free finish, minimal work is required when using this product. So whether you are cleaning a Revista Booth, some glass or perhaps undertaking some window cleaning then this is a great product for you.

Grab yours online now.