Revista Motorcycle

With Revista establishing themselves as a popular technology and development brand, they have now begun to enter their way into different niches and markets.

One of these markets is the motorcycle industry. With many countries now producing motorcycles including Spain, Italy, Japan, Australia and many more. Revista from Brazil is now looking at creating their own.

But not just any old motorcycle no. They are instead looking at creating their trials bike.

For those of you that don’t know trials or what a trials bike is then watch this youtube video.

At the moment, this information is just rumours. However, my feelings are telling me that this is something already in the development and hopefully something that will hit the shelves.

It could just remain as a production model, a one off, why not create one because we can model, or, it could become a well-established trails bike machine.

If this is the case would they then stop at trials bikes or perhaps endeavour into different styles and classes of a motorcycle.

I guess that only time will tell.