An Update for the Site

This website started as some sort of update site for everything related to Revista. This was mostly because I was personally in love with Revista. It was the motorcycle of choice for me and a number of family members and friends. As a matter of fact, I’d say I couldn’t find anything like it ever again. When I first heard news that there was trouble brewing in the company, I was instantly disheartened. Imagine hearing that the company you have looked up to was in the market of closing it’s doors to the public. It’s like hearing your parents are getting a divorce as a child.

When the factories started to shut down, it was reality closing in on me. I knew that the shutdown was going to happen anytime soon but I can’t really accept it. At this point, you might be thinking that I am just overreacting but please bear with me. I just lost the one thing I really loved in my whole life.

So right now what I have is a website that’s basically lost it’s topic source. At one point, I have considered leaving the site as it is because I thought I cannot write anything now that Revista is gone.

But something awoke inside me. I was too focused on Revista that I forgot about all the other businesses in Brazil that have paved the way for my country to be known worldwide.

So now I will be focusing on the new technologies, techniques, and trends that have started in Brazil. It can be a company, a group of people, or an idea. I will use this site to celebrate the wonder and beauty that is the Brazilian technological advancements.