New Tech Tools for the Kitchen

Technology has come a long way. From the days where it was the domain of the wealthy and those who needed to be connected at all times, it is now an integral part of daily life. There are Bluetooth-operated toilets out there. Even the kitchen has felt the encroaching touch of modern tech toys.

Here are some of the nicer ones I’ve found. I don’t think I’ll be getting all of them, but some of these sound like they might come in handy.

There are coffee machines that can receive commands from your phone. It uses these messages to prepare the coffee ahead of time, so it’ll be ready when you get up. The best part is that the phone can be programmed to have the machine make the cup extra strong if you didn’t sleep well!

I’ve also seen Panasonic come out with an automatic dishwasher. It has a self-operating door and can wash dishes with just a few presses. It’s also soundless, so you don’t lose sleep as it works.

My sister loves this new grill that has a wi-fi connection. She loves it because it’s an excellent grill that can handle all the stress she puts it through. She also loves that she can use it to listen to her Spotify playlists while cooking or having a party in the outdoors.

Finally, there is something crazy and Star Trek-like about a 3D food printer. None of the prototypes is ready for mass production, but if they come out, I want one.

Samsung has a Wi-Fi enabled refrigerator, too. It has a built-in receiver and an LCD screen. From there, you can place orders for pizza delivery or groceries. Yes, you can now have your fridge call for a pizza or to restock your supplies.

Speaking of Samsung, they also have a new oven coming out. I think the option to cook two dishes at once, with distinct temperature settings for each, is a good thing. It has potential to see a lot of use for people who always seem to cook in a rush.

There’s a fridge from GE that can brew coffee and tea. Okay, it will never match up to having it done by an expert, but it’s a good substitute for non-connoisseurs. It also has electronic temperature controlled drawers so that you can keep things at specific temperatures.

There is also a smartphone-controlled, slow-cooking crock pot out there. It’s perfect for people who want the flavour of a slow cooker, but don’t have the patience or presence of mind. Let your phone keep track of things for you, from the cooking time to the temperature.

Yeah, technology has come a long way. It’s managed to weave into everything now, including the kitchen. Some of these seem like they’re just cashing in on the idea of connectivity. Others feel like they are genuinely useful features.

I guess which is which will vary based on who is doing the cooking. Then again, isn’t that true of a lot of things in the kitchen?