Lastest Home Technological Advances

We all want the perfect home. Well, not exactly perfect but we all want a home we are going to be comfortable with. How do you do that? Well, you have to shell out some cash to get the latest technology.

Can you just imagine a home without a refrigerator, air conditioning, or a home computer? These things were nothing but a home owner’s dream in the past and now a lot of homes have them.

So what are the things that we should be looking forward to in terms of technological advances? We’ve listed down 7 of the things you should be looking forward to if you are a home owner.


  1. Robots – Think Jetson’s but we are not there yet. The future home will have a fully automated robot maintaining it and doing the simple functions such as cleaning. There are a lot of robots available today but they aren’t as smart as what we are expecting in the future.
  2. Smart appliances – Want to reheat the pizza from earlier? Just pop it inside your microwave and let it configure itself for the perfect heat and time to get the best reheated pizza in the universe. The future home will ensure that you won’t make the same mistakes as before. You might even get smart tiles that heat up or cool down depending on the weather from as reno solutions so watch out.
  3. Controlled lighting – Tired of having to turn off the lights? Well, how about lights that turn themselves off when they see that you are sleeping? The future home will be able to adjust the lighting to ensure you are comfortable all the time.
  4. Energy Efficient Tech – A technologically advanced home won’t be a energy wasting home. Future homes will have alternative sources of energy that ensures they won’t have to use “paid” energy unless they have to.