Revista Booth

In many places around the world, you will find yourself some arcade where they have pinball machines, racing cars, and ticket games to win small prices.

Within each of these places, what is becoming ever more popular are the photo booths that are used. The large area where you and all of your friends can jump into, hit the buttons on the screen stand back, pull some faces and have the picture taken for you.

The newest piece of technology that I have discovered from this brand is a photo booth, named the Revista Booth.

I was visiting my local arcade the other date, timezone, and I saw this booth. Normally you wouldn’t notice something like this, except for the fact it looked like something from the future.

Crisp edges of aluminium and metal sheeting exterior.

An automatic drawing curtain to contain the space, forget even using props, through the use of the screen you were able to manipulate them onto you. They would follow your hand or face depending on where you assigned them to be. The photos took pictures in super high quality and would also capture video at the same time which could be played back on the screen and send to your social media pages so you could have both photo and video.

There was a significant line for this prime piece of photo technology, with more laughs coming from ever before. In addition, it could project out scenes on its inner walls, so you felt like you were in the environment you had allocated to get a photo (for example the park, or movie theatre.) Totally wow.

The line was long and I was not surprised. An advancement tin arcade providing, this photo booth was off the hook, and I look forward to seeing them pop up in more places.

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