You might be surprised by this post because I swore I will be talking about technology but now here I am talking about asbestos. Don’t worry, just consider this as […]

This website started as some sort of update site for everything related to Revista. This was mostly because I was personally in love with Revista. It was the motorcycle of […]

My last post was a bit dreary and there is no real good news in sight but I believe that is not how we should continue with life.

In order to make everything easier for everyone, I decided to post something that really puts me in a good mood.

Motorcycle stunts. A lot people get fascinated when they see professionals take their bikes for a spin. Well, dangerous and life threatening spins. Here’s a good compilation I like watching. Tell me what you think.

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It has been approx 3 months now since the last update on Revista BPM Technology and unfortunately there has been no improvement on the factories situation.

Though investors came to the party, there was not enough collective funds to pull them out of the shit and no one is willing to take it on with all the risk it poses.

The factory have gone down with a final hoorah in the release of one last trials bike model release (of which was kept secret and released exclusively from the workers of the factory)

We are not too sure what comes next. We are under the impression that Revista will remain working on small projects and keep up to date with their current installments through maintenance and the likings.

We hope to know more in the next coming weeks. We will give you an update then,

It appears as though Revista are currently in political dispute an discussion as to the future of the company. Though there is potential (which is helping them hold on) the lack of economy and driving of sales as a result of people no longer buying anything, is causing them to be in a sticky situation.,

They are ultimately looking for investors to help bring them back out of the rut they’re in and then hopefully be back up and running in full steam yet again.

We don’t feel a though many investors or investments per say will be required, simply just enough to show support to the business and that people are interested in watching them expand and grow.

Many are aware of the capabilities of this company and it is juts a mere matter of time before the next action happens. We have our fingers crossed for ourselves and Rveista for it would be a shame to lose the factory.

The factory in Brazil has unfortunately gone quiet. With a drop in sales and too much money spent on investment, Revista are not currently in a very good position financially.

Fingers crossed all is resolved and they can continue to grow, expand and share their business. They certainly create awesome products and it would be a real shame to lose them.

We will keep you informed as to the situation and how it unfolds.

With Revista establishing themselves as a popular technology and development brand, they have now begun to enter their way into different niches and markets.

One of these markets is the motorcycle industry. With many countries now producing motorcycles including Spain, Italy, Japan, Australia and many more. Revista from Brazil is now looking at creating their own.

But not just any old motorcycle no. They are instead looking at creating their trials bike.

For those of you that don’t know trials or what a trials bike is then watch this youtube video.

At the moment, this information is just rumours. However, my feelings are telling me that this is something already in the development and hopefully something that will hit the shelves.

It could just remain as a production model, a one off, why not create one because we can model, or, it could become a well-established trails bike machine.

If this is the case would they then stop at trials bikes or perhaps endeavour into different styles and classes of a motorcycle.

I guess that only time will tell.

Soon to release another technology release update. Will confirm once it is live.